2015 Chevrolet Colorado

there was an absent of the chevy colorado for 3 years, chevy came out with the new  2015 chevy colorado that is a lot nicer rides then the past colorado,this trucks new and improved suspension is a lot smoother ride the new cabs are larger for more room.This new improvement for the cab is in every option the 2 door the 2 and 1/2 door and the full crew cab.Its fuel mileage is combined 20-22 miles per gallon witch is out standing for a truck that is four wheel drive.over all this truck has improved a lot if you are in the market for a new seth of wheels i would deffently check this truck out.


2015 doge 1500 eco diesel straight 4 cummins

the new eco diesel from dodge is awesome 30 miles to a gallon straight 4 cummins its a light diesel motor for there new dodge 1500 so you get good fuel millage in a truck and you have the power when you need it. i personally have not been in this new eco diesels but I’ve heard nothing but great things about them power when you need it nice and quite and a smooth ride they’re equipped with push button 4 wheel drive so its easy if you need it you don’t have to get out and lock your hubs or bend down to pull your 4×4 leaver on the floor the button is located on the left of the dash so its easy to get to !!!