We Hope YouTube Launches This Cool New Feature Worldwide


Google is rolling out a neat new feature for YouTube users — but only in India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

People in those markets will now be able to download select YouTube videos for offline viewing for 48 hours, the company announced Thursday.

Google is targeting these markets first because data connections there are less consistent than in other parts of the world. “Making these popular videos available for offline playback will help people move past the challenges of data connection, speed and cost to enjoy a smooth, buffer-free version of their favorite content,” the company wrote in a blog post.

While YouTube offline viewing is a feature people in other markets would probably enjoy as well, Google’s post makes no mention of a global rollout. Considering offline viewing is a paid-for feature in YouTube’s new subscription streaming service, we may never have such functionality offered for free in…

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2006 ford f350 crew cab lariat diesel

the 2006 ford f350 crew cab lariat diesel is a great truck I’ve worked on a few and lift kits are easy to instal it come with factory trailer breaks so that saves you a lot of money.there is an issue people say about the ford v8 power stroke 6.0 the head studs will stretch under a lot of pressure and that will lead to head gaskets.when the head gaskets go it will leak antifreeze into your oil and cause your truck to blow white smoke and your motor won’t run well at all.other then that this truck haas plenty of room and front and back and its a quite ride the rides a little rougher then normal but i would recommend getting this truck because its reliable and you can’t go wrong with a ford power stroke

1996 ford f350

the 1996 ford f350 is a great work truck the ford 460 motor is very powerful but does not get the best fuel millage roughly around 12 mpg and in the ford f350 you can not get a smaller motor then a v8 . the suspicion sits higher then most stock trucks so its nice if you like that look or want to put over size tires its a quite comfortable ride

review on the 2004 chevy z71 4×4

the 2005 chevy 1500 z71m crew cab fully loaded is a tuck if you want comfortable smooth ride.this is a pickup truck but it rides like a car. i have personal experience with there trucks.there are plenty of room and a vey comfortable ride.the 5.3 vortex motor is very powerful and good on gas average on highway is about 18.there rant really men issues with them for the time I’ve had ours and ours has over 195k miles on it. its a push button four wheel drive so you don’t have to get out of your truck in rain mud or snow so you can stay warm and drive.

over all this truck truck is a 9 out of ten you have a pick up truck that rides like a car very comfortable and a quite ride and a very reliable truck