2015 Ford F-150

When I was growing up, Chevrolet trucks were “like a rock” and Ford trucks were always “built Ford tough.” While Chevy has since found new roads and runs deep, Ford has stuck to the “built Ford tough” slogan like a magnet to steel, using it for its F-Series truck line for more than 36 years. With the 2015 Ford F-150, the golden child of the F-Series brand, switching from steel to aluminum construction this year, we can’t help but wonder is the 2015 F-150 still built Ford tough?

The 2015 F150 Lariat SuperCab equipped with four wheel drive and Fords all-new 2.7 liter twin-turbo V6. The F150 Lariat represents a step up the model ladder from the volume F-150 XLT while the new 2.7 liter EcoBoost V-6 is the newest and most intriguing engine option offered on the best-selling pickup. so if anyone else wondered if the new f150 was built ford tough yes it is.!!!!


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